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18-Day Tour - China Minorities Adventure

Highlights: Experience HK’s vibrant contrasts, Cycle past scenic Karsts formations in Yangshuo, Walk on the top of amazing Longji-Rice Terrace, Feel traditional life in Chengyang, Discover Dong & Yao people’s customs in Liping, trek to minority Miao village around Kaili, Face to the largest Waterfall of China, Enjoy a local cultural show in Guizhou province, Roam the lane ways of Lijiang, Get to know the Naxi and Bai people, Wind down in picturesque Dali, Stroll in Stone Forest and explore local markets in Kunming.

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  • Hong Kong, Yangshuo, Pingan, Sanjiang, Liping, Kaili, Guiyang, Lijiang, Dali, Kunming
  • 18 Days (Hongkong to Kunming)
  • CMA ( China Minorities Adventure)
  • Truly China Adventure
  • Departure is guaranteed
  • Minimum 4, Maximum 18
  • Prices from USD$2125.00


    All accommodations in double rooms with private facilities as specified, including breakfast;

    All private transfers from/to airport/train station;

    Private bus and entrance tickets for excursions, Cycling tour in Yangshuo, Cycling tour in Lijiang, Three Pagodas in Dali;

    High speed train (Hong Kong - Guilin, Kaili - Anshun, Anshun - Guiyang, Dali-Kunming), 2nd class;

    Domestic flight( Guiyang to Lijiang), including Tax;

    Professional Chinese English speaking tour leader.


International flight and departure tax;
Lunches and dinners;
Other optional excursions and entrance tickets;
Tips to drivers and tour guides;
Other personal expenses;
Visa to China.


Day 1/Arrive in Hong Kong

Nimen Hao! Welcome to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a vibrant and fast paced city only minutes away from quiet islands and beaches. The entire day is yours to spend as you see fit. Hong Kong Island is a great area to explore on foot, with plenty of family friendly hiking trails on offer with varying levels of difficulty. The Peak offers stunning views over the city, and can be reached by several trails or alternatively by tram. Ask your leader for details, but make sure you pack snacks and water if you plan to hike – there are no replenishing stations along the way. A more relaxing way to spend an hour is the Stay Ferry Harbour Tour, which takes you past the city’s landmarks and around the stunning harbour. The Hong Kong Science Museum is perfect for families with young kids, particularly if you’re visiting in rainy season (April to June) and don’t want to risk being caught out. Many of the exhibits are interactive, and entry prices are reasonable. Your adventure begins with a welcome meeting at 6 pm today. Please look for a note in the hotel lobby or ask reception where it will take place. It’s important that you attend, as we will be collecting insurance details and next of kin information for each member of your family. If you’re going to be late, please let your travel agent or hotel reception know.

Day 2/Hong Kong to Yangshuo

Depart from the hotel at 10:30 am, board a bullet train and arrive in Yangshuo around 5:30 pm. Yangshuo is Surrounded by limestone karsts, Yangshuo is super popular with both international and domestic tourists, which isn't a bad thing if you're into your cafes and bars. It's one of the best places in the country to get a feel for local culture and traditions while having plenty of fun at the same time. Take a walk through the town with your leader on arrival and head down to the Li River to get a feel for a landscape immortalised in plenty of Chinese paintings.

Day 3/Yangshuo

The dramatic countryside surrounding Yangshuo is best seen on an optional cruise down the Li River. Float past limestone monoliths, rice paddies, and water buffaloes drinking at the river's edge. For those feeling active, why not jump on a bike and explore the splendid green surrounds and nearby villages or perhaps participate in a peaceful Taichi session. Enjoy a guided walk through a local market before visiting a converted country house to learn to cook local specialties.

Day 4/Yangshuo

A great optional activity for the day is picking tea leaves, tea making, drinking tea and listening to the rhyme leisurely at the Seven Fairies Peak tea plantation; mountaineering Xianggong hill and viewing Li River meandering, enjoy sunlight and shadow、clouds sea、sunrise、the sunset、the rosy clouds; Discovery the mystery of the Ancient Stone Village. You are highly recommended.

Day 5/Yangshuo to Longji Rice Terraces

Travel by private bus to your next destination, Longji Rice Terraces.The Longji region has some of the most extensive rice terraces around. These terraces change with the seasons: filled with water from the mountains before planting, becoming green during the growing season and then golden when the rice is ready for harvest. This evening you’ll overnight in the village of Dazhai, which is home to the Yao minorities. The Yao still preserve some of their traditional lifestyle and unique customs. You'll notice women only cut their hair at 16 years old, symbolising their entrance into adulthood. The hair isn’t thrown away, but is kept by the grandmother. When the woman marries, the hair is made into an ornamental headdress and brought to the husband's home as a souvenir!

Day 6/Longji Rice Terraces to Chengyang

Travel by private bus to your next destination, Sanjiang. Stop to admire the waterwheels that lazily flood the paddy fields surrounding the village. Explore the area using the exquisite Dong 'wind and rain' bridges that cross many of the waterways in Chengyang.

Day 7/Chengyang

Come into Dong village, stay with locals in mountain valley. Taste their home made food, experience Dong traditional custom. Put on Dong style of costume, follow them to dance and repeat their particular love songs.

Day 8/Chengyang to Zhaoxing

Travel by private bus to your next destination, Zhaoxing. Situated in southeastern Guizhou, Zhaoxing is one of the largest Dong minority villages in China. It lies in a basin surrounded by mountains with a small river passing through it.

Day 9/Zhaoxing

Zhaoxing is a pretty Dong minority town nestling in a valley a long way away from anywhere. It's full of old wooden buildings, wind and rain bridges, and drum towers, and surrounded by beautiful scenery. It's had a bit of the government sponsored "Chinese Minority Village" makeover, but is nowhere near as reconstructed as the other towns in the vicinity. Today you are going to discovery the peaceful and pretty minority village by walking with your tour leader.

Day 10/Zhaoxing to Kaili

Take private bus to Kaili which is a county-level city under the administration of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, in southeastern Guizhou province, People's Republic of China. It is the center of Miao culture, hosting more than 120 festivals every year. Kaili has a population of 478,642 in 2010 and is a major producer of rice. On the way, visit Basha and Huanggang. Lying on the southern border Guizhou, Basha village is famed for being China 's last tribe of gunmen. This primitive miao village is hidden away in a forest and filled with stilted wooden houses by the river. Basha village is home to over 1,000 residents living in more than 400 households. Their ancestors were frontline troops who charged through forests and fought the bears there -- all to guard the land where they lived. Through hundreds of years, they have been guarding their homeland. Still today the men in Basha preserve their musketeer heritage, which makes Basha the only tribe that can legally carry real guns in China. A strong sense of precaution inherited from their ancestors keeps this village isolated from the outside world. The villagers lead a self-sufficient life in the hilly areas and retain the dressing and living customs hundreds of years ago. 

Day 11/Kaili

Take a private bus to visit Shiqiao, Qingman and Matang. Shiqiao Miao Village with over 860 villagers from 200 households is famous for hand-made papers and products. The rapid development of technology driving ancient techniques of hand-made paper to be replaced by modern production and process did not happen in Shiqiao Miao Village. Villagers cling to earning their living by producing and selling hand-made papers and products. According to the record, the traditional hand-made paper in Shiqiao Miao Village has a history of more than 1,000 years. Learning form Han people’s experience, Shiqiao Miao people make high-quality paper using spring water, tree roots as well as bark.  People living in Matang are a subgroup of the Miao minority people, and call themselves “Gejia”. At present, the village has about 100 families with 400–500 people. They maintain traditional language, costumes, totems and customs. Qingman Short-skirt Miao Village is one of the most typical short-skirt Miao villages near Kaili. Their clothing is distinct and colorful for both casual and holiday wear, which consists of a tunic top decorated with silver ornaments and gorgeously hand-embroidered designs of the dragon, phoenix, fish, bird, and beast, and a hand-knitted skirt no more than 20 centimeters long. This whole costume constitutes an important facet of local folkways.

Day 12/Kaili to Huangguoshu

In the morning, you will catch a high-speed train from Kaili to Anshun (approximately. 1 and half hours), it holds abundant ethnic minorities, such as Dong, Miao, Buyi and Tujia, etc. We are here to understand their culture, watch the largest Waterfall in China, be closed to the Xanadu in Tianxing Bridge. After arrival settle into your hotel and then discovery Huangguoshu waterfall, it became one of China's first officially recognized national parks in 1982. It's also the earliest recorded waterfall in Chinese literature, the country's largest waterfall and one of the largest waterfalls in Asia. However, when Huangguoshu first applied for UNESCO World Heritage status in the 1990s, its application was rejected because of its low forest cover rate, poor ecological environment and an artificial Banbian Street that many felt was simply unattractive.

Day 13/Huangguoshu - Guiyang to Lijiang

Travel by private bus or high-speed train to Guiyang, and then fly from Guiyang to Lijiang, after arrival at Lijiang airport, then transfer to the hotel in Lijiang. This World Heritage-listed town is home to the Naxi people, a matrilineal society descended from Tibetan nomads. Enjoy some free time, maybe visit the Wangu Pagoda, situated at Lion Hill in a small park and has amazing views over Lijiang. Or visit he picturesque Heilongtan Park and wander the cobbled streets in the old town and take the chance to do some shopping. In recent years, Lijiang has become very popular with domestic tourists, so don't be surprised if you see the streets full of tourists from home and abroad.

Day 14/Lijiang

Today you are going to discovery the peaceful and pretty ancient town by bicycle with your tour leader. Lijiang is home to the Naxi people, descendants of Tibetan nomads, recognizable by their traditional blue clothing. Explore the maze of stone streets in this World Heritage-listed town. Stay in the town's atmospheric old quarter and perhaps catch a traditional music performance.

Day 15/Lijiang to Dali

Travel by private bus to your next destination, Dali (approximately 3–4 hours). For many years this spot has been a favourite destination for foreign travelers and backpackers, thanks to its laidback atmosphere and spectacular surroundings. There are snow-capped mountains on one side and the vast Erhai Lake on the other, making for an impressive sight. This afternoon you will take a guided walk around Dali's ancient town with your leader. Present-day Dali is a city that combines history with modern convenience. It is divided into two areas: the Ancient City and the New District (widely known as Xiaguan). After your tour, enjoy a free evening in this picturesque town. Perhaps circle back to Foreigner Street in the Ancient City, where handicrafts and local culinary delights rightly attract many visitors.

Day 16 /Dali

Take a private bus to Xizhou, around 23 kilometres north of Dali on a day trip today. Xizhou is famous for its Butterfly Spring and Bai architecture. Enjoy a guided tour of the town and the local markets – a great chance to learn more about Bai architecture. Interact with some local families living in the traditional courtyards to get a feel for local life. Be sure to try some tasty local snacks such as baba (fried rice cake) or the local cheese. Enjoy some more free time upon your return to Dali - perhaps take the cable car up Cangshan Mountain or stop in at the Three Pagodas.

Day 17/Dali to Kunming

Travel by high-speed train to your next destination, Stone Forest. Stop at the geological wonder of the Stone Forest on the way. The Forest covers an area of 400 square kilometres (96,000 acres) and includes both large and small clusters of towering limestone pillars, as well as many other scenic spots. An old local saying says that 'If you have visited Kunming without seeing the Stone Forest, you have wasted your time'. Truly, the site is one of the most important attractions of Yunnan. Afterwards, enjoy free time to explore the large, yet laidback city. Kunming is filled with bridges and waterways, it is a lovely place to explore on foot. If the thought of walking anymore doesn't appeal, perhaps reward yourself for all those hikes with a foot massage! Meet up in the evening for an optional final dinner out on the town with the group, your last chance to enjoy Yunnanese cuisine.

Day 18/Kunming (Departure Day)

Your China tour comes to an end this morning. There are no activities on the final day and you are free to leave your accommodation at any time. Kindly Reminder: the check out time normally is 12:00. If you have booked an airport transfer through Truly China Travel, please confirm the pick up time with your tour leader in advance.

Start date Finish date Price  
10-Mar-19 27-Mar-19 2125 BOOK NOW
14-Apr-19 1-May-19 2125 BOOK NOW
5-May-19 22-May-19 2125 BOOK NOW
2-Jun-19 19-Jun-19 2125 BOOK NOW
7-Jul-19 24-Jul-19 2225 BOOK NOW
4-Aug-19 21-Aug-19 2225 BOOK NOW
1-Sep-19 18-Sep-19 2225 BOOK NOW
13-Oct-19 30-Oct-19 2125 BOOK NOW
Truly China Tours, inspect all of our hotels to ensure they meet the high levels of service which we require for our guests. If the hotels details below for your tour are not available, hotels of a similar standard will be used.

Hong Kong Harbour Plaza North Point

The hotel is only two minutes walking to the subway, and very close to the shopping center. You can have a good view of North Sea. The hotel has a swimming pool.

Yangshuo New Century Hotel

The hotel is very close to the famous west street. Good room and food. Perfect service.

Pingan Longying GH

The guesthouse is located at Longji Rice Terrace scenic spot. From the hotel, you can have a good view of rice terrace.

Chengyang Dong Village GH

The guesthouse is located inside of Dong minority village. A good way to experience Dong minority's life here.

Zhaoxing Lulu GH

Good location. Rooms are tidy and comfortable.

Kaili Tianlaizhigu Hotel

The hotel is located at city center. Good rooms, great service and nice food,

Guiyang Vienna Hotel

Good location, nice rooms and good service.

Lijiang Gengjia Inn

The guesthouse is located outside of old town. You can go to old town or anywhere at reaching point.

Dali Shiguang Boutique Hotel

The hotel just locates at south gate of old town, rooms are very comfortable and good service. You can feel at home here.

Kunming Longteng Hotel

Kunming Longteng Hotel is located in city center and it is convenient to reach every corner in Kunming. The rooms are tidy and quiet. Free wifi will be available during your stay.

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  • Beijing


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